Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You will make mistakes and that’s alright

Remember that everybody who is doing something new makes mistakes. The
road to glory is littered with problems - and problems solving. When you do
something new (and today's business happens so fast, that you’ll almost always be
doing something new), you will make mistakes. Get used to it. What’s important is to
learn from your mistakes, and to take corrective action immediately.

It is almost like playing a computer role playing game – you train your virtual
character, increase its abilities and when your virtual character gets killed, you just
reload the game. By the end of the game, you have an impressive virtual character
and you are probably proud of it. But when you turn off the computer, your strong,
experienced and well-equipped ‘virtual you’ is no more.

If you spent that time to increase your experience, stamina or strength, instead of that of your virtual
character, would that not have a better influence on your life? If two of ten kids
spent their evening running and jumping compared to the eight kids running their
virtual character on a computer, who will be the best? If you are the one of those two
who spend their evenings outside, you can be the best runner from the whole group.

For adults there is the example of watching sports on TV, as against doing
sports for real. 80% of people never take the harder way. You can get to the top 20%
just by deciding to take the hard way. Don’t waste your time becoming the best in
your virtual world, become the best in the real world, because that is what counts in
the end. If you want to be happy, dedicate your life to something and become the
best at it.

You can change who you are now, even if you are an alcoholic, a murderer or
a rapist. Maybe you deserve the death penalty for what you did, but you can still
behave like a good man in your last moments of life.

You will always be responsible for what you did and you are responsible for
what you will do today. If you don’t know what you should do to change yourself, start
by serving other people. You have to really want to change yourself and behave like
the person you want to become. That it is not an easy task. There is no place for
words like I would like to change, but I will do it tomorrow. If you really desire it, you
will do it now.

Stay humble and start with small steps, but start now. Use waves of energy
that motivates you whether it is joy, desire or fury. Every person alive has necessary
energy to adapt to his surroundings and this means you have it too, even if you don’t
know it. All you need is to do is to focus, find it and use it. If you really can’t find it,
you can seek out extreme situations and once you are cornered like animal, the animal in you will wake up.

If you can’t motivate yourself to do something and nothing works for you, you can start by creating a situation where you will have no other option than to start. You can make life harder for yourself and it will make you stronger.

Here is an example which worked for me: I was not satisfied with the progress
I have made working on my project. I turned off the internet and the cell phone to
eliminate disturbances, and then I worked faster and more effectively. When the
evening came and I was still not satisfied with my progress because I hadn’t spent my time productively, I used the Spartan technique. I removed luxury from my life
until I was satisfied with the results.

What I usually do is to exchange bed for a sleeping mat and sleeping bag and
sleep on the floor. I love sleeping in comfortable bed so much that sometimes I take
an hour to get out of bed. Then I do my morning exercise and eat breakfast before I
start to work on the book.

Sleeping on the floor helps me to get up early because the floor is really not comfortable. Usually when I am sleeping on the floor, I sleep for only four to six hours a night, instead of sleeping seven hours in bed and then spending another hour just laying there not wanting to move my feet from the warm blanket to the cold floor.

Then I drink coffee or energy drink to keep me awake, which is not healthy, but
it is good for the ‘I will do whatever it takes’ approach. If you drink coffee or energy
drink, make sure they are quality products without toxic ingredients like sugar free
aspartame and don’t pass the daily intake limit. Also, make sure you do physical
exercise to balance your mental work.

I haven’t heard of anybody who died because of lack of sleep so far. Some
people die of a heart attack caused by being overworked, but they don’t die because
of lack of sleep. They die, because their heart can’t stand the thought of not being the
best as they are expected to be. Fear of losing money, losing their face, their power
is what kills them. If they would accept and love themselves as they are, it would not
happen to them.

A few days a month with only four hours of sleep a night are alright for a
healthy person. Another part of the Spartan technique is postponing your meals until
you reach planned result. Hunger motivates you to work efficiently, and don’t worry –
one day a week without the food will make you healthier. We don’t need to eat as
much as we eat. That is why I keep some fat on myself to be able to work for few
days even if I had no time to eat. It is natural for animals not to find food for few days
– that is why fat was created. Fat will help you during ‘no food’ periods. If your body
has no fat at all I advise you to get some.

Another example of using Spartan technique to shape your character I read
was how one guy from Czech Republic and other people from all around the world
had to pee in big pot during their whole day running to control their hydration.
Instructors told them, they will drink the contents of the pot in the evening. When he
saw filthy penises of other warriors, he had to think about all the illnesses their urine
possessed. He could not imagine that he would be able to drink this urine.

But in the evening his ego was broken and he drank it. After such character building experience
he understood that there is nothing he can’t do. The only limits to his results are the
limits he sets himself. That is the truth – if your ego can handle it, you can handle it

I haven’t been drinking urine, but I did something more stupid to see how
much I can stand. After seeing the movie Fight Club I did a test. I have put a match
on my upper arm and lit it. It was hot feeling at first, but latter I felt it like a cool object.
Cool object which was still causing me pain. After the match stopped to burn, it was
painful to remove the ash from the arm.

Don’t be stupid like I was and don’t try it yourself. I have a scar which reminds me of how stupid I was. There are other ways to prove yourself that your mind has control over your body and your pain. I like Systema martial art and its principles as it helps to develop the real warrior in you. A good warrior is handy in combat, his spirit is strong and his body is healthy.

The body must be free from tension and then it is tireless, flexible and explosive. The psyche is calm, without anger, irritation, fear, self-pity, self-deception, and without pride. The warrior who is like this controls his ego and there is nothing he can't accomplish. Most of us are economic warriors fighting the competition in our jobs, but we can learn the lessons from the soldiers too.

When I was seventeen I was sent with my sister to Bulgaria for holiday to protect her if the needed. At that time I had no fat at all as I was on my peak career in kickboxing. On seventh day I have run out of money as I spent it on silver chain and few bottles of Rakia spirits instead of food.

It was stupid because on third day I had sunstroke and I was really dizzy – I
got completely wet with sweat in three seconds and I felt such cold even thought the
weather was hot. The worst part of sunstroke was that once I had to vomit and shit at
the same time so after few minutes of lying on the bathroom floor I had to clean the mess.

The best solution I was able to find was to drink more alcohol to prevent
diarrhea and vomiting. So after I ran out of money I asked my sister to lend me some
until we got home. She refused. She wanted to give me a lesson on how to spend

For the last three days all I ate was one chocolate bar. Although I had no fat on
my body before the involuntary diet, I lost another seventeen pounds. No problem for
a young and healthy body – I got back eleven pounds of weight the night we got
home. I must have eaten eight portions of food in three hours!

I would probably have eaten even more, but I was so tired I had to go to sleep. From that time I like to keep some fat with me for unexpected situations and also to keep me warmer and while I was practicing Systema to soften the blows to my stomach. A moderate amount of fat is healthy, don’t be afraid of it.

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