Monday, March 20, 2017

You need talent and charisma to become wealthy


It is another myth. There are many people out there who are not talented and still are wealthy. Sportsmen are great example. If their approach is to train harder than their competitor, they usually achieve success and if they are in the world’s elite at their sport, they achieve wealth on the way up. Talents are not prerequisite for being wealthy. They help, but are not necessary.

Some self-made millionaires started from the bottom of society. They had nothing to lose and they had great motivation to get to the elite. If you never had a problem with lack of money when you were young, it is probably that you have not developed the desire for having enough money. This motivation can be based on fear of not having enough money or not having enough power.

Let’s compare a talented person who takes his talents for granted, and thinks that he does not have to train that hard because he has a better starting position and better results from the beginning, with a person with less talents but with a burning desire and the discipline to work harder than anyone else.

What do we find? Pretty soon the person with strong desire and hard work gets better results than the person with talents. It is because talented people did not have to work that hard: results came to them naturally. They were always the best, so why should they try harder?

On the other hand, people without the talents but with strong motives and hard work can rise to the level of talented ones - and they don’t stop there. Talent is only 50% of jackpot; the other 50% is the dedication to do what is necessary.


Yes, charisma helps when you deal with other people. Today there are lots of millionaires who became rich online. When you are online and you don’t see the person eye to eye, charisma is not seen. Of course your brain can make a fictional image of that person even if you have not seen him, and that image in your head can be charismatic based on what he wrote to you, but this is not the real person.

It is only your image in your head. Even when you deal with people in person, charisma is what draws people towards you, but you can’t keep them working for you just by charisma. Charisma is important for a leader, but to be wealthy, you don’t have to be a leader. I repeat - you don’t need charisma to become wealthy. Most people work for money, not because they love their leader. Having charisma helps, but it is not essential to run a profitable business.

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