Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Basic types of rich people

Think about your role model, your current financial status, actions and attitude towards getting rich. There are various ways to get rich. If you like the lottery winner approach, you will find some good advises here.

You can even try to inherit wealth even if you are not from rich family. You can try to marry a millionaire or do the illegal stuff. Only you are responsible for your actions and will carry a tag on your forehead for what you do.

Choose wisely and carefully. But on the other hand – if you become very rich even the illegal way, people’s hearts will soften for you if they can earn something of your riches. People tend to forget and forgive if it is profitable for them.

If there is a gold rush, some people will try their luck and will dig for gold, but some people will try their brain and will start to produce and sell shovels.

Which type rich person is closest to your soul?

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