Monday, March 20, 2017

I am a loser, I will never be wealthy

Yes, that is the truth. If you consider yourself a loser, your subconscious mind will make you behave like a loser. Until you change your mindset, you will be a loser. What you have to do is to build up your self-confidence and experience small successes. Start with small goals and achievements by doing what you like and what you are good at, then build your self-esteem.

Erase words like I am loser or I can’t do it from your vocabulary.

Go to the chapter on brain programming in my book first.

If you think you can’t get wealthy, you are right, you can’t. I can’t help you. You are the only one who can help you.

I know of a successful businessman who was a depressed loser when he was young. He hated the real world and took refuge in fantasy books, where heroes dedicated their time to becoming strong and powerful. He wanted to be like them.

Then something happened and he refused to live in fear and he changed his life. The good news for you is that if he could change from loser to winner, you can do it too. It took him 3 months to change. To find more about how he changed after one incident that burned in his blood with anger read the book about him - From loser to heroConfession of former fighter. I believe it will inspire you.

You can change who you are now, even if you are an alcoholic, a murderer or a rapist. Maybe you deserve the death penalty for what you did, but you can still behave like a good man at least in your last moments of life.

You will always be responsible for what you did and you are responsible for what you will do today. If you don’t know what you should do to change yourself, start by serving other people. You have to really want to change yourself and behave like the person you want to become. That it is not an easy task. There is no place for words like I would like to change, but I will do it tomorrow. If you really desire it, you will do it now.

Stay humble and start with small steps, but start now. Use waves of energy that motivates you whether it is joy, desire or fury. Every person alive has necessary energy to adapt to his surroundings and this means you have it too, even if you don’t know it. All you need is to do is to focus, find it and use it. If you really can’t find it, you can seek out extreme situations and once you are cornered like animal, the animal in you will wake up.

If you can’t motivate yourself to do something and nothing works for you, you can start by creating a situation where you will have no other option than to start or die. You can make life harder for yourself and it will make you stronger.

What to do if you feel like a loser

Do you feel angry right now because your life is not going the direction you would like? Let’s handle your anger first. Long term anger is bad for your health, but temporary anger is a feeling pumping you up with energy and decisiveness. Revenge is also good for your survival. If somebody cheats you or beats you, you should take appropriate steps preventing him from doing it again. Usually, after you hurt them back badly enough, they will find an easier target next time.

Of course you should do it smart and not break the law with your actions. That’s why you have to understand your negative emotions and learn how to control them. I know it is not easy, but the breath control techniques or sports will help you with that. There are many efficient martial arts which teach you how to breathe. If you feel like a loser right now, I recommend you try active sports or martial arts.

Life is a fight and you have to learn how to fight. We will make a winner from you!

Of course fighting sports are not for everybody. You can try different sports or  arts. What is essential is that by practicing it you will feel how you are fighting to reach your goal and feel energy coming with the victory. Winning will teach you about self-esteem and loses will teach you about humility. If you don’t achieve those feeling even after few months of practice, try something else.

In my opinion and experience a man should know how to fight at least with words when not with fists. The world out there is not nice to the weak and you have to know how to fight back. After being taken down, you have to rise again to your feet and fight back. This is the winner’s attitude and you have to experience that.

You will never get that experience from just reading books, but only through action and pain. Get out of your comfort zone and soon your comfort zone will become broader. You will do things you thought you were not able to do and as it becomes your habit, you will do them with ease. It is beautiful feeling to look back and see what you have done even though a few months ago you thought it impossible for you.

I recommend you the practice of martial arts because you will learn to be disciplined and dedicated. If you will be put down a hundred times, you will rise a hundred times and continue to fight. Winners don’t give up. It is O.K. to change your approach, activities or direction to reach your dream, but don’t give up on reaching it. It is O.K. to ask yourself if that dream is worth all the trouble. And sometimes your answer will be no, it is not worth it.

If you find out that your dream is not worth the effort, you have to look inside yourself to find your real dream. Your real dream will be worth the effort. It is the reason you live – to fulfill that dream. You will know it is The Dream when you will know deep inside that you are ready to die for it. In the past boys were going on difficult errands before they were awarded with the signs of manhood. They got hurt in the process or they even died. But they became real men when they succeeded.

We are having such great lives, that we grew soft. We are no more trying to reach our adulthood because we don’t want to get hurt. Fear rules our lives instead of courage. This is what distinct the men from boys and adult women from girls.

Once you will learn to handle your fears by overcoming them or by making a deal with your fear, you will grow and will gain great gift. The gift of knowing that you will do whatever will be necessary to reach your goals or die trying.

For improving your winning attitude read my book – From Loser to Hero. Here is an example which worked for me: I was not satisfied with the progress I have made in writing this book. I turned off the internet and the cell phone to eliminate disturbances, and then I worked on the book faster and more effectively. When the evening came and I was still not satisfied with my progress because I hadn’t spent my time productively, I used the Spartan technique.

I removed luxury from my life like sleeping on the bed or using hot shower until I was satisfied with the results. Sleeping on a sleeping mat will make you wake up early, because it is not so comfortable  and you will sleep only as long as your body has to sleep. Cold shower will make you healthier and stronger too. It is not pleasant, but it will wake you up instantly.

What I usually do is to exchange bed for a sleeping mat and sleeping bag and sleep on the floor. I love sleeping in comfortable bed so much that sometimes I take an hour to get out of bed. Then I do my morning exercise and eat breakfast before I start to work on the book. Sleeping on the floor helps me to get up early because the floor is really not comfortable. Usually when I am sleeping on the floor and I eat raw food, I sleep for only four to six hours a night, instead of sleeping seven hours in bed and then spending another hour just lying there not wanting to move my feet from the warm blanket to he cold floor.

Then I drink coffee or energy drink to keep me awake, which is not healthy, but it is good for the ‘I will do whatever it takes’ approach. If you drink coffee or energy drink, make sure they are quality products without toxic ingredients like e.g. sugar free aspartame and don’t pass the daily intake limit.

Also, make sure you do physical exercise to balance your mental work. I haven’t heard of anybody who died because of lack of sleep so far. Some people die of an heart attack caused by being overworked, but they don’t die because of lack of sleep. They die, because their heart can’t stand the thought of not being the best as they are expected to be, fear of losing money, losing their face, their power is what kills them. If they would accept and love themselves as they are, it would not happen to them.

A few days a month with only four hours of sleep a night are alright for a healthy person. Another part of the Spartan technique is postponing your meals until you reach planned result. Hunger motivates you to work efficiently, and don’t worry – one day a week without the food will make you healthier. We don’t need to eat as much as we do eat. That is why I keep some fat on myself to be able to work for few days even if I had no time to eat.

It is natural for animals not to find food for few days – that is why fat was created. Fat will help you during ‘no food’ periods. If your body has no fat at all I advise you to get some. Another example of using Spartan technique to shape your character I read was how one guy from Czech Republic and other people from all around the world had to pee in big pot during their whole day running to control their hydration.

Instructors told them, they will drink the contents of the pot in the evening. When he saw filthy penises of other warriors, he had to think about all the illnesses their urine possessed. He could not imagine that he would be able to drink this urine. But in the evening his ego was broken and he drank it. After such character building experience he understood that there is nothing he can’t do. The only limits to his results are the limits he sets himself.

That is the truth – if your ego can handle it, you can handle it too.

I like Systema martial art and its principles as it helps to develop the real warrior in me. A good  warrior is handy in combat, his spirit is strong and his body is healthy. The body must be free from tension and then it is tireless, flexible and explosive. The psyche is calm, without anger, irritation, fear, self-pity, self-deception, and without pride. The warrior who is like this controls his ego and there is nothing he can't accomplish. Most of us are economic warriors fighting the competition in our
jobs, but we can learn the lessons from the soldiers too.

Learn at least one thing - change your mind from constant questioning your actions like warrior - do what needs to be done - once you set is as an action which needs to be done - don't question it, just do it.

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