Monday, March 20, 2017

Having money is important

In today’s oligarch democracy - which is implemented in almost all countries - it is the money which can be the difference between getting the best medical care saving your life or dying on the street.

If you are super rich, money can buy you also political, juridical and police cover for anything you have done. Wealth can buy you prestige, increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex, give you power to change world for the better or for the worse.

Wealth and money are tools which give you power and it is only up to you how you use them. Money is the same as tools like fire, gun or knife.

You can start fire to boil water, make yourself warm or you can use fire to burn your neighbors’ house down. You can use a gun to stop criminals or to hunt game for food, but you can use a gun also to rob a bank. You can use knife to cut bread and feed your family or you can use knife to commit a murder. Even dynamite was invented to help people.

Money, knifes, guns or fire are just tools. In hands of good people, they can do lots of good things. That’s where money and power should be – in hand of good people because all good will be attacked and if good people don’t protect good things and values, evil things and values will win.

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