Monday, March 20, 2017

You need money to become wealthy

Yes, you will need money to become wealthy. Today money is the exchange tool for getting assets. This does not mean you have to own the money yourself.

What you need is control over the flow of money. In today’s debt-based economy it is smarter to use money put up by someone else to produce cash flow for you.

Interest is the price of money and if the price of money you purchase is lower than the price of money you sell, you make a profit. If you can borrow $100 at 10% and use that sum to produce $200, you earned $90 before taxation.

If you need more money than you are able to borrow or earn, you have to create income streams first from other activities. You can learn a skill like computer graphic design, where all you spend is your time and no money; use that skill to earn money by being paid for your services by someone else. This is one way you can lay the foundation of the future investment you desire. Piece by piece, you build your own capital; banks will be more willing to lend you their money as your financial credibility increases.

It costs you no money to start blogging and create income from advertisements. This is how you can build your assets step by step until you have enough money for your dream investment.

You can use control as a leverage to get rich. You can start to control the company you desire by owning as little as 20% of the company, if other owners are not interested in directing the company. Remember - control is more important than ownership. By owning 20% you may be able to control the whole company.

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