Monday, March 20, 2017

The customer is always right

No, the customer is not always right.

Sometimes customers are wrong and sometimes they even lie. But even if they do, you can’t treat them as liars. You have to call some external authority to judge the problem and give facts to the customer.

Never tell him he is lying, because he would lose his face and get angry. Even if you both know he is lying. Even if he knows that you know. Just show him the facts and tell him you are sorry, but you are obliged to act based on those facts. Remember that your company must be profitable to stay in business. And also every customer must be profitable for you. If your customer stops being profitable for you, keeping him would mean a loss for the company you have to ‘fire’ him.

It makes no sense to have customers who make you a loss instead of a profit. If you consider your service to be above average compared with your competition and you can live without that customer, direct him to your competitors. You will increase your profitability and lower the profitability of your competition with a bad customer.

Create black lists of customers who complain all the time. It is better for you and it is better for them because angry complaining is not good for their health. With your bad customers gone, you will have more time for your good customers. Think also about your employees. If blacklisted customer is persuading your employees that your service is bad, it affects all other customers who are in contact
with that employee, because your employee’s trust in your product is reduced.

It reduces the morale of your employees if they have to listen to stories about how bad your services or your products are. Then you have to remind them that the percentage of satisfied customers is much higher than those who complain. By keeping bad customers, you will lower your overall customer service.

If your employee has to spend most of his time with unreasonable customers, there is less time to spend with good customers. If your employee’s attitude is poisoned by bad customers, he will give worse service to other customers. Get rid of bad customers immediately while allowing them to keep their face. Support your employees if in conflict with a customer. You are in the same boat with your employees.

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