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Shortcuts to becoming wealthy – How bribing works

Why would you bribe? 

It is not the right thing to do, right?

Well, if you run a company and the contract is the difference between the necessities to fire your
employees, what is the right thing to do? You are responsible for your employees and for the growth of your company and you have to decide if you will give a bribe (let’s call it the costs of marketing) and secure the jobs for people who have their families or you will not win the contract and then fire the people. From financial point of view giving a bribe is the same cost as paying for advertising.

What is the right thing to do?
What do you think?

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I can not say we have never bribed our business partners to get the better deal. But is bribing really that bad if even governments do it?

It can be seen on subventions to companies, which are going to fire their employees. If government wants to keep its unemployment rate low, they can subsidize the company to keep the jobs. Another and much cheaper way that government can keep the unemployment rate low is to change the way they count the unemployed rate. You will exclude some groups of people who are not working from the calculation. By stating they do not want to work. And there it is! Our government just lowered the unemployment rate by 5%. They are economical geniuses, let us vote them again. Have you ever wondered why if you count the unemployment rate and the employment rate you will never get 100%?

Bribe can be seen as the marketing costs. You can bribe by having great social connections and a deformed character - this is of course not what I suggest you to do. But also bribery can be done legally if we call it, for example, lobbying or presents. Everybody likes presents. That is why birthdays and name days were created.

Story about bribing – how it works

Bang! You are caught giving money, for example, to the mayor of your town.
You are sitting now in the police office talking to the police officer.
-Of course I was not bribing him. I was giving him money, because we are long term friends and he has a birthday.
-But giving him 10 000 dollars is quite a lot for a birthday present, right?
-No, it is not. We are long-term and very close friends. And actually it is not just
a birthday present, because his birthday will be six months from now, but I was also
returning him money, which he lent me before.
-He lent you so much money? You sure you have a contract about that large amount?
-We are very close friends and we trust each other, we don’t need a contract.
-And you say, there is no connection between the money gift and the fact that
your company won a municipal order for 500 new computers, right?
-Right. That is just a coincidence. Anyway, I have here two tickets to this
famous and expensive restaurant downtown, but I don’t have time to go there,
because I lost my time sitting here. I would feel better if the tickets were not wasted.
Would you mind helping me and use them yourself?
-How nice of you. I will help you, of course. My wife wanted to go there. Thank
you very much. By the way, I have no more questions about your relationship with the
mayor. Have a nice day.

And now I want you to imagine that the policeman comes home and tells the
story to his wife.
What would she tell him, if he had not taken the tickets?

All people like gifts, why should the policeman, doctors or politicians be different?

Being a politician makes you rich not because of your salary, but because of your percentage from government orders. Politicians do control cash flow through their budgets and keep a percentage through friendly companies who win government tenders or through bribes. It is easy to spend someone else’s money and take a percentage of it.

Also, top managers or purchase managers in big companies do that. They use power which they were given to for personal gains. My friend did this for a big company he worked for and because the prices of different companies competing for orders he was managing were almost the same, he chose the best possible supplier and received his bribe as the companies did not know who would win and they wanted to make sure it would be them.

My friend is a normal guy and he would be considered silly if he refused such a gift. He had nothing to be ashamed of, because he did the best for his employer as well. He just was the right person at the
right place at the right time.

Bankers and politicians have created a system which protects them even if people find out they are taking bribes or that they cheat by taking interests in something they don’t even have. If you would sell your car to ten people, you would commit a crime. Banks are allowed to do that legally. Politicians are not allowed to take bribes, but they do. They can do it because they can influence police and judges, so they have protection system against going to jail even when they are

A question for you to ask is – Are those people smart and successful because they fooled the system we live in, or are they just thieves?

Who is successful according to your values?

You have to choose your answer for yourself. I am not a judge, I am here to help you to become rich and I have to show you even the dark doors leading to wealth. It is not smart to pretend all people are good and equal. If success in your area is measured only by how much money you can earn, they are truly successful and they should not feel the shame. As money is measurable, more and more people
measure success in money and the more money and power you have, the more successful you are in eyes of average people.

There is old saying “All people are equal in the court room. But some of them are even more equal than the others.” An excellent lawyer knows all the laws, but the best lawyer knows the jury.

If you want to become wealthy quickly without your own money, you will have
to solve someone else’s problems or you can use the wealth of someone else. You
can win a lottery or marry a wealthy partner. You do not have to create something to
become wealthy. What you need is to get and keep control over cash flow. Let’s see
the bank’s example.

Banks do control the cash flow, keep a percentage of the money coming in and out, and they loan with interest. What is so special about banks?

It is that they are allowed to borrow something they don’t even have and make a profit on it. They have, for example, one million dollars, but they can borrow ten millions and that is why they become so wealthy. If they make mistakes, citizens pay for them in taxes as the state helps banks if the politicians receive proper motivation in their bank accounts.

There was a saying in communist regime – Who does not steal, steals from his own family. It was meant to steal not from your neighbor but from the company you worked for. As the companies belonged to state, state belonged to you and everything belonged to everyone, you were not considered stealing at all. If you took something, nobody got poorer, but it was considered a crime and it was inspected by police, but from the moral point of view, people did not recognize it as a crime.

It was like with copied music nowadays. If you download an mp3 from the internet and listen to it, have you committed a crime? Yes, you have. But if you never had an intention to buy the singer’s CD because of one song you like, will the singer be robbed of something? No, he would not. Money for purchasing the CD was never there. Nothing is missing, so how could he have been robbed? This means people are breaking the laws all the time if they consider what they do is still moral.

What is moral depends on the community you live in and on yourself. There are different moral values in the USA and different ones in Japan. And as people realize there are  lots of immoral laws, they are acting more based on their own personal morals then based on the laws. There are so many laws, that the average person can’t know them all, so he or she must act based on his or her judgment, not based on laws.

That’s why politicians, banks or thieves think they are doing nothing wrong. When they feel they are doing something wrong, they can find an appropriate reason to erase that feeling.

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