Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Illegal or immoral ways to get money – the quickest way

I don’t advise you to do any illegal activities. It is however necessary to mention this way of getting rich because this way to wealth is missing in all personal development get rich books. There are many examples of people getting rich based on deception, manipulation and lies.

Just read the newspapers or study the history. The risks with illegal activities are very high and it is smarter to use a legal approach if you do not have a social network which will protect you. If you decide that this is the way for you, you should act in a big way and earn millions to be able to pay the best lawyers and bribe judges, police and politicians who make laws or who can give you amnesty.

Smart criminals use other people to do the dirty work and they manage their dirty business from behind the scenes. If you are just a street thief, there is big chance you will get caught and end up in prison sooner or later. Consider getting diplomatic or other legal immunity. I hear that you can buy diplomatic attache status with some small countries.

Once you earn enough money from illegal activities, legalize it, invest it and become a rich legal investor. But to quit on illegal activities you start doing and change to law abiding citizen is easier said than done. Usually it is a one way ticket. My aunt’s husband came to Slovakia from Ukraine because he had problems with his previous gang there. He is a very well build and powerful man.

From what he told me, he wanted to quit on illegal activities with his gang, but they refused to let him go. They caught him and cut him deep into his chest, where he now has big scars. He is an easy going and thorough man. That is the reason he left Ukraine and lived illegally in Slovakia even without a visa for a few years.

After some time I heard he had financial problems and later I heard that he got to prison because he was caught with narcotics. I believe that, once you taste the easy money, it is hard to stop and never come back to the easy money even if you want to. If you decide you have enough and want to start legal activities, your ‘friends’ who took part in the illegal activities can be against this, as you know too much about them.

Illegal activities are a one-way ticket in my opinion. Don’t start any business with dangerous people, it is not worth it. They will use you and throw you overboard if it suits them. Stories about loyalty in gangs are not true anymore. Even if you have not been convicted of any crime, people around will know how you acquired your money and your bad reputation will be with you for the rest of your life. One way out is to leave your country and start a new life in one at the other end of world.

Some gangsters made it this way and are ‘good’ businessmen and citizens of Central or South American countries. You can move to a different town, if nobody wants you dead, and start again. But you will have to leave your ‘friends’ behind. And most important, they will have to be willing to let you go.

If you are not prepared to disappear and leave your life behind, don’t do it. The life of a gangster is usually rich, but it is a short life. There is a high probability that your former partners will assassinate you before you are able to disappear and start a new life abroad. I advise you not to do it, the risks are too high and risking your life and health is not worth all the money in the world. It is stupid to be the richest man in the graveyard.

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