Monday, March 20, 2017


So you are a get rich quick wannabe, right?

Welcome and find out which ways you read/heard about really lead to riches and which are just distractions losing your time.

How do we know if a man is a rich man?
If you are able to control more money than other people around you, you are considered a richer and more successful person. You will be looked upon as the person who did it. It is not necessary to have billions of dollars or euros. For financial success it is necessary to have enough money to cover all your costs and live a financially worry free life.

In order to have the SOCIAL status of financial success, you need to have more money than people you compare yourself with in the society. If they have one million, you want to have one million and a half. If they have one hundred thousand, you want to have two hundred thousand etc. There is a difference between being financially free and between being recognized by the society as financially successful person.

So a rich man is not about having certain amount of money, but about having more than others around you. An example can be pharaoh of Egypt thousands of years ago. He had no TV,
no air conditioning, no foam mattress bed, no cell phone, no computer and even no
internet. Can you believe it?

But he was extremely rich and powerful compared to other people of Egypt. So if you want to be rich, you have to have much more compared to other people around you. In thirty years maybe everyone will earn few millions of dollars in his day job. It is not about how much you have, but how much you have compared to what others have.

In this book I will share my knowledge about how to get financially free. This book is not only a collection of experience which I was able to get myself but also a refined summary of all the books and articles I read over the course of ten years. As I spent four years teaching at the university while I kept my day job and started and sold two businesses, I could test what were financial myths and what really worked.

And I have to tell you, some of advises I took made me lose a lot of money. It is painful to see you were conned or made some stupid investments like invest in gold and silver and then watch how its value drops. Or to sell your company and receive only partial payment with having to go to claim enforcers and the court to get your money.

But do not worry, I have made the mistakes for you and I will lead you through the get rich process with less pain avoiding many mistakes beginners have. I will show you the myths I believed in before and which I had to let go as I tested them against a real environment. This book contains short stories that represent many real life examples of success and failure.

You don’t have to be smart to become rich. All you need is to be bold enough to take action and know how to use people to your advantage. Social skills are more important than your intelligence.
In this book we will also cover the most common ways to become a self-made wealthy person. There are many ways to become rich, but I would not recommend some of them. They may work, but I have not enough experience with them to give you advice.

And let us skip the ways of politicians, bankers or marriage in this book. They work, but you have to lower your moral standards quite a lot if you want to use them on your way to riches.

There are various ways to become wealthy and the “right way” is dependent on you. Getting wealthy is not meant for everybody. Getting wealthy is a process which can take even few decades and it can ruin your relationships. We will shortly describe ways how to get rich quickly, but these ways are not always something I recommend you to do. I will just give you options which lead to riches, but it is YOU who has to find his limits of what makes you sleep soundly during the night and which actions are behind the line of your moral compass. Let’s get started!

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