Monday, March 20, 2017

Ways to get rich even quicker - Becoming famous

Becoming famous

There are also famous singers, actors, models or sportsmen who are wealthy. Most of them had to work hard for many years to get where they are now. They had to take risks. If you are passionate about some sport (and you are still young enough, and have predispositions to make yourself elite) go and work hard as they did and you can become one of them. 

But think also about much more sportsmen who also worked hard, but never made it to the top of their game. The same goes for actors and singers – if you spend ten years practicing something, you also can become elite in it and it will look you are acting or singing with ease. From the average person’s point of view, everything these experts do will look easy: its second nature to them,
but that means people tend to forget those ten years of hard work.

From my point of view being famous is hard and time-consuming work, just like running a business. But if you are talented and you are passionate about what you do, go for it. It is very rewarding to do what you were born to do and be a world-class success at the same time. In my opinion Will Smith is good example for this category.

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