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Ways to get rich even quicker - Marriage

Marriage or rich partner

Let’s take a look on other ways to become wealthy quickly – some women or men still marry for money. It was natural in previous human history until emancipation was invented. As this was done for most of human history, we can consider it normal and moral. The richest families marry to expand or secure their wealth. Look at the members of monarchies or families like the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers.

Women in the past were seeking a partner, who will take best care of her during her pregnancy and during her life. Everybody wants to be loved. We feel we are loved if someone behaves the way we expect the person in love to behave. It is fair business -> the husband provides for finances and the wife behaves the way which makes him feel loved. In the past, the best partners were the strong and skilled men, so women were falling in love with them.

Nowadays it is not about how strong or skilled someone is, but how much money can he afford to spend on children and women. It is not about how much you can earn but how much you can spend on them.

Our western civilization exchanged security of strong arms for financial security. With enough money you can buy the best healthcare, best security enhanced house with private security service, best food, prestige etc. Finding a wealthy partner is another way how to become rich quicker. A good example for this category in my opinion, are women who married e.g. Hugh Heffner. I don’t judge them. It may be truth that they married because they fell in love. Probably it was love for the money and the luxury.

Let me tell you a story explaining why you should always stop and think when you receive an “once in a life time” offer. One of my friends asked me what she  should do with offer she received from older man. She works at the bar in Prague and he offered her great a job with great pay in London. She was thrilled by the job offer and really wanted it. Offers like this comes to you only once in a life time, right?

But then the man told her the price for this job – she has to spend the night with him. She was shocked and refused. Then she wrote me to get my opinion about whether or not she should do it. She of course had did not tell me in her message she it was she who received this offer, but asked me what I would do if I received an offer like... or other way for her would be to write about her friend who received such offer. But if you can read between the lines, you will understand that it is her who is facing this dilemma.

Her colleagues encouraged her to take the offer but I told her not to. I don’t know the guy, but from my experience only people who regularly take advantage of other people bad situations, make offers like this. What I told her was that guys like this one have no problem to break their part of the deal without as much as blinking an eye. I did not judge her and the fact that I don’t like if someone gets better job or pay rise through the bed, but I focused her attention on the risks. And the risks were high, because I believe that once you will start using your body for financial gains, your reputation will be lost and you will become prostitute.

People are various and maybe she would not mind that, but there are other risks. It is possible that the same guy offered this job to ten other girls and four of them accepted the offer. He would have sex with four beautiful women for free – smart guy. Once he had done it, why should he bother about some job in London? What would the girls do if he broke his promise? They could do nothing at all except telling others what the guy did. But would they tell? They would also have to say that they slept with him to get the job, and I believe none of them would want to ruin her reputation at such a
young age.

Let’s assume for a moment that the guy really had the power to give the job to one of the girls he slept with, and he would really give her the job. If he has the power to give someone a job, he probably has the power to take the job away and give it to another willing girl. Would she have to sleep with him regularly to keep the job until he had enough of her and changed her for new girl?

Would she be happy knowing that she is in the job just because she behaves like a prostitute? There is also legal and criminal aspect. What if the guy looks for pretty girls,  who are willing to have sex with a stranger for financial benefit or to get a great job? What if, instead of working in London hotel, her ID were to be taken away at the airport, and she were told that the hotel job was no longer available, but that there was another job going, which was also financially attractive. And she would end up in a brothel. That is not the career she wanted, right?

Girls, please, don’t be so naive to believe nice stories from strangers. If you really want the job, first get the job and do your part of the deal only after you spent first few days in your dream job. If somebody shows you pictures of a five star hotel it does not mean that the job will be really there. In the best case scenario you will probably end up working in two star hotels in a foreign city where there is nobody to help you. And that is not what you want, right?

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