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Myths and truth about money and successful people

I have read many books on what kind of person you have to become to become wealthy. Mostly they shared advice about being an honest and disciplined person with integrity. I agree that this is how it should be. However when I see wealthy people around, I know this is usually far from the truth.

Most of quickly made millionaires grew their wealth so fast because they used their opportunity to bribe government personnel or top managers in large companies. Best option for a young wannabe millionaire is to have an uncle in the top management of a bank and sell some IT system to the bank for millions. A software and IT company with the right networking is the easiest way to become rich by doing own business. Let’s have an example.

One of very famous software company was started by the team of IT specialists leaving their jobs at Company A and creating their own Company B. They were the only ones who understood all the complicated systems in Company A. Company A is a huge state monopoly with high profits. What the IT guys did was to offer their services to Company A for a really high price. As they were the only ones who understood the systems, because they created it, they got the contract.

I don’t blame them, as my first company started also with a not so fair advantage. From what I heard, this process is normal and healthy for the market. You are employed and work for someone until you realize that you can do the work better and then you start your own company. I know of at least three other people who independently did the same with the company I worked for. We were sick of the company’s system and wanted to create something better. I wanted to create a better workplace for my colleagues.

We would like to believe that only hardworking and moral people would become wealthy, but the facts say otherwise. You can be a lazy, ineffective liar and still become wealthy. You can be alcoholic and still become wealthy. It is like the difference I saw when I was teaching students at university and when I was running my business at the same time. In many schools students are taught how it should be, but in reality they get experience on how it really is. That is why experience matters
more than academic education for most jobs.

Becoming wealthy has nothing to do with morality, even if most of the authors are telling us it has. Money and wealth do not discriminate against people. You can be a good person and become wealthy the same way as you can be bad person and still become wealthy. I saw many times that someone who considered himself a “good person” had no problem breaking his promises get ahead faster than people who valued their words. I don’t like it, but I see it all the time.

Liars do lie and when you stop doing business with them, they find someone else to cheat. There is no liar who will agree that he is a liar. It is not good for their self-image and most of them can’t admit that they are liars even when caught lying. They always have their own version of the truth and there is always someone else to blame. We don’t have to like it, but their approach makes them rich faster.

I am here not to judge you but to help you to become successful and wealthy. You can replace word liar with good manipulator or smart guy or experienced guy if it suits you. Other popular term I heard from liar when she was talking about herself was that she just has very good social skills and emotional quotient.

If you are interested in personal development, first you should understand yourself and start building your future based on what you are good at. Don’t try to completely change yourself. It is waste of energy and time to focus on what you are bad at. Focus on your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses. Do what you are good at and let someone else do the things you can’t. If you are a good manipulator, socialize easily etc., use those skills legally and morally and you can become wealthy faster.

If you are a good planner, analyst etc., use your skills. Even alcoholics and drug addicts can become wealthy if they find enough courage to create assets. And they often do because they have nothing to lose!

It is said that 86% of all millionaires are self-made millionaires. There is nothing you can do about whom you were born to, but there is everything you can do about whom you will become. Of course you can try to be adopted by the millionaires, but that is similar to marriage to a wealthy partner. It can bring you money, but you will not find out and experience how to make wealth, only how to use

To keep wealth, you have to understand it and experience creating it on your own. Having someone who loves you to pay for your spending without giving him the same value back, looks to me like behavior of a not fully grown adult. But there are exceptions of course. There always are exceptions. Exceptions, exceptions, what we would do without them?
An exception for being able to take care of themselves are the pregnant women – they simply need our help during pregnancy and when raising children – it is natural.

For thousands of years males were there to protect the family members and provide the family with shelter and food and women were there to give birth to children and to prepare the food. Even today (but they were taught not to admit it openly) women expect the real males to provide the family financially for the shelter, food and protection.

It is hard for a woman to be good wife and mother if she has to work all day and fight like males. This is the reason why the richest guys get the prettiest girls. They radiate alpha male charisma around them and women are attracted to this radiation if the guy does not behave like a jerk.

Becoming wealthy is simple, but not easy. You can get very rich just by following e.g. this simple formula – buy low, sell high. Find where you can buy the item for low price and where to sell it for high price. Then go buy it and sell it. Sell it and then buy it is even better timing. Then repeat the process until you get rich. Stick to this formula and avoid any distractions.

There will be obstacles you will have to cross and to cross them, you will need motivation. The most common motivation is the desire for power, for women or for beautiful things you wish to possess. But it can be also be revenge, the necessity to prove to someone how capable you are, or the fear of losing financial stability, a luxurious life or losing someone. Revenge or fear can be even stronger motivators than desire to create something. The anger or fear activate our body and mind and
give us energy to act. You should learn how to direct those emotions for your benefit.
It is better you use your fear than you fight it.

Ask yourself WHY you want to become rich. If you can find a big enough WHY, which will keep your motivation high, there is nothing that can stop you. Very often I see motivation to get rich based on the responsibility to provide the family.

Why do I want to be rich?
Because I have to provide the best for my family. It is not selfish.

We will speak more about your motives in latter chapters. You have to
find your own WHY. Another way to get rich quickly is to cheat and squeeze money of your
customers, your partners, your employees, citizens or my favorite - to bribe to win
tenders for overpriced government orders.

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