Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The list of losers failures and winner’s successes

Are you a loser?

1. Are you too weak and too afraid to fight back bullies in school, on the street
or in the playground?
2. Are you scared of your parents or of other adults?
3. Are you escaping to the dream world in RPG games and books?
4. Are you angry at yourself because you were scared to do something you
know you should have done?
5. Are you valuable for other people? Do you feel loved?
6. Were you thinking about hurting yourself to end this misery?
7. Are you not satisfied with your life, but you are too weak to change it?
8. Do you feel like a loser?

Are you a hero?

1. Do you react when you see somebody weak to be taken advantage of?
2. Do you believe in you no matter what other people say about you?
3. Do you train and practice in real world to be able to help others?
4. Are you satisfied with your response when you see violence?
5. Do you love other people and can you tell them that you see their value?
6. Are you ready to get hurt, when preventing a disaster?
7. Is your life going the right direction?
8. Are you humble and self-confident at the same time?

Example 1 - Weakling

1. Crying after falling of a tree, hitting his breath and suffocating for a minute or two.
2. Crying after being kicked from the jungle gym by a bully and hurting his balls.
3. Looking at older bully harassing his friend and being too scared to help her.
4. Being afraid to fight back when bully was mocking him.
5. Being afraid to ask girl for a date.
6. Being afraid to be hit or to fight.
7. Being afraid to pick up the phone, call someone and ask him for anything.
8. Being afraid to talk to the strangers.
9. Being afraid to travel to other unknown towns alone.
10. Being afraid to go into night club without his buddies.
11. Running away from the fight and letting his buddies there.
12. Not passing his exam at the college and being kicked out of the school.
13. Being not paid his share of company sold and being unable to do something about it.
14. Investing in gold most of his money BEFORE the bubble in 2012 crashed.
15. Living in a rented room while his schoolmates have their own houses.

Example 2 - Hero

1. Outsmarting the bully and making fun of him in front of whole class
2. Taking kicks and punches without crying.
3. Protecting his friend against bully.
4. Protecting his schoolmates against older bully
5. Asking the prettiest girl in school for a date and then going out with her.
6. Asking tenth girl for a dance on a disco after being refused nine times.
(And spending whole night with her.)
7. Competing in kickbox tournaments with stronger guys.
8. Working at the call center and calling strangers all day long and taking refusal with smile.
9. Asking strangers for help if needed to or just to talk to pretty girls and have a good time.
10. Going to the disco and politely asking two head taller guys to piss of the dance floor when they nudge his friend.
11. Traveling to the other side of the world with no job and taking care of him, returning with nice money.
12. Making a PhD. while keeping his job and heavy exercising, while his schoolmates go for a beer and then watch TV after regular job hours.
13. Creating and selling two companies with profit.
14. Having a nice car, but using his bike or foot to get where he needs to.
15. Being trustworthy and being asked for advices by people around.

Which person of these examples would you like to be born into if you could

Can you believe that person in both examples is the same person?

My friend, no matter how many times you have failed, no matter how many
times have you been bullied around, no matter how many times you felt ashamed,
you can always change and start doing successful results from today on. Be thankful
for all the bad things that happened to you, because they made you stronger and
wiser. All the bad things that happen to you are just your lessons.

If you pass, it will disappear from your fears. But if you won’t understand the lesson you need to learn, your life will bring the same problem, the same behavior of people around back to
you. Welcome it as an opportunity to learn and grow. You need to fall down and take
beating to see your core – to see what you are made of. And once you can get back
from the abyss, every other problem will be a piece of cake for you.

Andrew the fighter

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