Monday, March 20, 2017

Having much money is bad for your health and happiness

No, money is not bad for your health or happiness.
It is just a myth. It is not an either / or equation. You can be wealthy, healthy and happy. What you do, what you eat and the environment you spend your time in is what influences your health, not how much money is sitting in your bank account.

Actually, having enough money is good for your health as health care is not free in most countries. Having enough money can be the difference between staying alive or dying. What’s bad for your health is the fear or stress of losing money. What’s bad for your health is the fear of losing your status among your friends when you lose money. This does not mean money is bad for your health. It means fear and stress is bad for your health.

Money is the same as fire. If fire is used properly, it is a very good servant and it can help you to  survive. If fire is misused, it can burn your home or a forest. You need to get rid of or to control your fear of not having enough money. It will free you. You are going to die once anyway; so there is nothing to worry about.

If you control your money and not vice versa, there is no threat of becoming ill or less happy if you have money. If you are ill, money can help you to get best possible treatment. If you are not happy, you can use money to change the reason of not being happy as they give you freedom to do what you want to do. You can be poor and happy and you can be rich and happy. But I prefer to be rich, healthy and happy.

For the nonbelievers – if you have too much money and it makes you feel miserable, you can always give your money away to someone and your problem will be solved. There will always be someone who will take that burden from you and accept your financial gift. If you want to get rid of your money and have nobody to give it to, give me a call. I like money, I will help you out of your burden! :-)

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